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*Any number can play.
*The 36 cards are dealt round,face down to the players.
*Each player keeps his cards,without looking at them,face down in front of him.The player on the left of the dealer starts the game by turning up his top card and placing it before him,thus starting another stack.
*When two cards of the same picture turn up,the first player to call''SNAP''takes both stacks of up-turned cards.He places them face down under his own pack.If a player calls''SNAP''in error or if two call together ,then their up-turned cards are put in a pool in the centre.
*It a card is turned up the same as the same as the one on top of the pool,the first to call''POOL SNAP''takes the pool.
*The player who eventually holds all the cards is the winner.
*For children more than 6 years old
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