Mini Cutter SK5 alloy
 Mini Cutter SK5 alloy Cutter Stationery & Craft Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Edustream Sdn Bhd Blue Green Purple Red
SKU: 200019
Blue (RM 1.50)
Green (RM 1.50)
Purple (RM 1.50)
Red (RM 1.50)
For Mini Cutter :
-SK5 alloy steel durable 
-Compact and delicate,easy to carry 
-Blade automatic rebound devide
-Product Use:
Suitable for cutting envelopes,courier bags,food bags, all kinds of plastic bags,packing belt,etc.
Matters needing attention: 
1.please use caution;
2.after using the blade knife back shell;
3.not lying abandoned blade;
4.stored in children can not reach places.
Warning!In the existing blade,sharp edges or sharpe tip,children must be under the direct supervision of an sdult,not suitable for chldren under three years.
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