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Two or more person may play ''DONKEY''
*Deal all the cards.Any player who gets two of the same kind should place them face down in front of him,without letting the other players see the picture-sides.
*The game goes on in this way:The first player offers his cards,face down,to the player on is left who takes one of them.If this card pairs with any he already holds,he places both face down in front of him with his other pairs.Now this player offers his other pairs.Now this player offers his cards in the same way to the next player.So the game goes on until all the cards are used up.
*When any player has paired all his cards he is out of the game.If ''DONKEY''is one of the last two cards a player holds and he is able to pair the other card,he can then pass ''DONKEY''to the net player.
*The player who is left in the end with the ''DONKEY''card is the loser and you can call him(or her) ''DONKEY''.
*For children more than 6 years old
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