Drawing Board/Writing Board/Notice Board For Ages 3++ (MEDIUM SIZE)
Drawing Board/Writing Board/Notice Board  For Ages 3++ (MEDIUM SIZE) Writing Board Stationery & Craft Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Edustream Sdn Bhd Blue Pink
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Blue (RM 17.90)
Pink (RM 17.90)
Size Drawing Board:36x3x30cm
-Please draw and write gently on the board with magnetic pen,and don't draw and write with too much strength,otherwise it will decrease the service life of magnetic board.
-Write vertically with the magnetic pen.
-Please don't keep in high temperature place for long time to prevent deformation.
-Please don't draw and write on the board with other pens expect magnetic pen such as sigh pen,pencil,ball pen and so on,otherwise it can't erase the writing,and make the magnetic surface blurred and messy.
-Please take care not put the magnetic pen and magnetic seal on the picture while using the handle to erase the writing and picture;please do not touch the picture or use the magnetic seal to to write or draw when erasing the picture back and forth.
-In case that the picture is damaged,the liquid has leaked,please rinse the liquid on your hand,and timely use 502 glue to repair it.
-Please keep magnetic pen and magnetic stamp off the following objects for fear of influencing the use of products such as :magnetic cards(bank card,telephone magnetic card and so on),soft magnetic disc,TV,radio cassette recorder and so on.
-Please use under the wardship and guide of adult.
-It contains small things ,so it is suitable for children aged above 3 to use.
-This product contains magnets or magnetic components.Magnet sticking together or becoming attached to a metallic object inside the human body can cause serious or fatal injury.Seek immediate media help if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
-In order to avoid causing the danger of asphyxia,please keep the baby and children off the plastic bag of this product,and destroy the plastic bag immediately after unpacking.
-Please don't use in higher temperature place and keep far away from fire source. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS
-For children to practice writing and drawing.
-Avoid lead positioning arising from children eating pencil by mistake. CARE& MAINTENANCE 
-Clean the dirty place of toy surface regularly with soft cloth.
-Avoid exposing under the sun usually.
It doesn't mess clothes and hand.It is the same as writing on paper.It also can apply,draw freely.Because of production with latest technology,the line and picture on the drawing us very clean.
The children even with bad rearing also can play products marked with this sign happily.
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