Colorful Squeezing The Cat Sponge Ball
Colorful Squeezing The Cat Sponge Ball Toys Games Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Edustream Sdn Bhd
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Can Squeeze, Squish, Touch & Pinch

Color sent by random


  1. 弄脏了就用水或者洗手液清洗
  2. 请勿用酒精,漂白粉,等洗涤
  3. 请勿用尖锐物品触碰
  4. 产品玩破后请即停使用,以免对儿童构成危险




  1. Wash with water or hand sanitizer if it gets dirty
  2. Do not use alcohol, bleaching powder, etc. to wash
  3. Do not touch with sharp objects
  4. Please stop using the product once it breaks, so as not to pose a danger to childrenb
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